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In this section we hope to answer all your questions. If we were not able to answer your question to your satisfaction please dont hesitate to send us an E-Mail to:

We are looking forward to answering your requests!

Q: Are the prices stated including VAT?
A: No, VAT has to be added to the price. How high VAT is depends on the laws of the country you are ordering from.

Q: Will there be any customs to be paid?
A: Inside the European Union there are no customs. Orders from outside teh European Union will involve paying customs.

Q: How are the terms of delivery?
A: The terms of delivery are FCA [ICC 2010]. This means that all cost for transportation as well as VAT and customs has to be paid by the customer.

Q: How are the paintings sent?
A: Since we want to get the best service for our customers, we are still in negotiation with delivery services like DHL, UPS, DPD etc. If you are ready to order we will always have the best partner for the transportation of the painting of your choice.

Q: How long does it take untill the painting will be with me?
A: Since some of the paintings are rent out and some hang in galleries, it might take a little longer. But most paintings are ready for sale. Let us discuss it according to the painting you chose.

Q: How high are the charges for sending?
A: As we are still in negotiation with different delivery services we can not be 100% sure about the cost involved by now (12.12.2014). If you are ready to order we will give you an offer.

Q: When will art-seven.com cover the sending expenditures?
A: For paintings if the price exceeds € 1.500  art-seven.com will take care of these expenses. For sculptures we will have to discuss it in person. Plese contact us on: info@art-seven.com

Q: Do I have a right to return or exchange my painting?
A: Yes, of course. After receiving your painting you have 14 daya right of withdrawal. Write an E-Mail to:  complaints@art-seven.com.
Get more Information concerning the exercise of the right of withdrawal.

Q: When is a painting reserved for me?
A: If you request a painting, it is only reserved for you when you receive a confirmation E-Mail. Because it is possible that two people want to buy the same painting on the same day, we will look at the time of order and chose the first person („first come, first serve“). So you have to wait for the confirmation E-Mail before you can be sure it will be yours. After receiving the confirmation and the receipt you have to pay within 7 days. If the 7 days exceed and no payment was made, it is no more reserved for you and everybody can purchase it.

Q: How many percent of the sales volume does art-seven.com donate to the BRAIN FOOD PROGRAMME?
A: Every month we donate 7% of our salesvolume for the BRAIN FOOD PROGRAMME – this is its only way of funding.

Q: Can I support the BRAIN FOOD PROGRAMME without buying anything on this site?
A: Yes of course. If you want to support this programme, please write an E-Mail to:


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