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Buy a painting or sculpture

If you are interested in a painting, please write an E-Mail to:

To avoid any misunderstanding, please indicate the name of the painting as well as the size.

We will get back to you within 24 hours or on the next working day. We will include a picture of the chosen painting and will let you know how fast it could be sent to you (some of the paintings hang in galleries or are rent out).

If you really decide to buy, we will send you your receipt including our bank account. Please note that the stated prices are net prices. VAT will be added, according to the country you are ordering from. By sending to countries outside the European Union customs can also be added – according to the laws of the country of the customers lives in.

Please note that our conditions of delivery are FCA [ICC 2010]. This means that the cost for sending as well as any possible tax and customs duties have to be paid by the customer.

After receiving the receipt, you have a time limit of seven days to pay to our account. As soon as the money reflects on our account we will prepare your painting for sending.

If you buy art with us, you have in a 14 days period the right for withdrawal.
Here you get Information concerning the exercise of the right of withdrawal
Here you can download the Withdrawal form
You can also write an E-Mail to: complaints@art-seven.com

If you are interested in any of our sculptures or if you have any additional questions, please contact us on:

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