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We aim to have many people benefit with us from our success.

Because the founder and owner of art-seven.com worked for years in Ghana in the development aid sector, he also wants Ghanaian school children to benefit from the success of his company. 7% of the sales volume of art-seven is donated to the Austrian NGO Braveauora for educational purposes. This means the higher the sales of art-seven are, the more pupils can benefit.

The idea is to give scholarships to the most brilliant students in Guabuliga, northern Ghana. The best graduates from Junior High School get a scholarship for further education at the Senior High School. Many pupils in Ghana drop out from school due to a lack of funds.

In October 2015 the first person won the scholarship. His name is Augustine Tampulima, he  by then17 years old and a native of Guabuliga. Both his parents are farmers. As he had the best marks of his whole class he is now qualified for the three year scholarship. He got admission at Kongo Senior High School where he now furthers his education.

In summer 2016 Baba Nuhu graduated as the best of his class from the Guabuliga Junior High School and therefore won the second scholarship. He now attends Tamale Senior High School now where he studies „business accounting“.

In October 2017 another person will win a scholarship and the number of supported students will rise to three! In case we will be able to increase our sales volume also the number of scholarships will increase.

If you want to support this initiative, please send an E-Mail to:

Thank you for your interest and support!

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