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About us

At art-seven.com you only get unique art – each piece of art is an original.

The paintings on sale are oil on canvas and acrylic on canvas. All of them are signed originals from the ghanian artist Osman Fattwu. For transport they are rolled and sent in a pipe.

Sculptures are made by the Austrian sculptor Mathias Esterer. Due to the weight sending is more difficult, but there will be always a way…

By selling art we aim to make people happy. First of all of course our customers, but also the artists and other traders by paying fair prices. The highest number of beneficiaries will be school children in Ghana, who get a free meal at school through our BRAIN FOOD PROGRAMME.


art-seven wants to be an international art seller, therefore the name is kept neutral. Seven is my (Severin Schwaiger M.A., founder and owner) lucky number  and has influenced my life since day one. During my work in Ghana, where I also met the artist Osman Fattawu whose paintings are on sale, „Seven“ even became my name. My real name „Severin“ was hard to remember for the people, and since I was born on Sunday (7th day of the week) and in Ghana people are often named after the day of birth, it made a lot of sense!

See some pictures of Ghana...

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